Fishing Tackle

All fishing tackle is provided (on a lost or broken replacement basis).

Quality Shimano, Daiwa and Samaki rods and reels are matched to the species being targeted.

Could I learn to use them?

Once apon a time baitcasters were the only reels used in the Top End – those days are long gone!

We run a range of threadline (spinning) outfits, as well as the baitcasters, to suit conditions and all levels of experience from novice to pro.

Most folks are casting effectively without prior experience within half an hours practice.

Tuition in fishing techniques is part of the service.

We use the best brands of lures which include the extremely popular Reidy’s Lures, owned and produced in the Top End. Visit their website here.

Soft plastics, vibes, jigs, poppers and hard bodies are all part of the arsenal and will help you catch more fish.

Can I use my own fishing tackle?

Clients are more than welcome to bring their own tackle – just make sure it is up to the task! For more information on bringing your own equipment on tour, drop us a line at

Most of our tackle is purchased at the award winning ‘Fishing and Outdoor World’ tackle shop in Darwin City. Visit their website hereMagicdust Pty Ltd

To book a tour or for more info contact us.