Barra and Bluewater

_MG_8229 _MG_8225 IMG_8261 _MG_7691 IMG_8260 _MG_7746‘Barra and Bluewater’ charters are all about variety!

They generally operate after the ‘Runoff’ season has finished, about the start of May through to the end of the year.

Fishing grounds –

  • Dundee Beach / Perron
  • Islands / Finnis River
  • Vernon Islands / Leaders
  • Creek / Saltwater Arm / Cape Hotham
  • Shoal Bay / Lee Point
  • Darwin Harbour
  • Bynoe Harbour

(locations fished are governed by weather and tides)

What kind of tour?

Most clients opt for multiple day tours to make the most of the fishing, but single day trips can be arranged.

And the fish?

This is when the migratory pelagic fish like Tuna, Mackerel and even sailfish turn up in our coastal waters, as the water temps. cool.

You can still chase barramundi and salmon, but have the option of reef species like coral trout and bluebone, plus pelagics such as mackerel, tuna, GT’s and queenfish.


The weather is generally cool through the ‘dry’ season with low humidity, the wind being predominantly from the South East (blowing offshore).

As the weather warms into the ‘Build Up’season (September onwards) the South East trade winds ease, the humidity rises and the really big barra are more likely to bite as they get ready to spawn.

The ‘build up’ is also a great time to chase reef species as the weather often becomes very calm, and they seem to like the rising water temp.

We do not get much of a swell in the Top End but we get some wind chop at times, so if you are prone to sea sickness please bring some sea sick medication


If you would like to chase multiple species using varied techniques, then barra and bluewater tours are for you!

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