Barramundi Fishing

Barramundi are a fish that draws many thousands of anglers to the N.T. each year. They are on most fishos bucket list, and rightly so!

Once you have caught one, it’s not hard to get addicted and many folk return year after year to do battle.

Why are they so popular?

An iconic Australian sport fish, famous for their head shaking leaps and fighting prowess its the ‘metery’ (fish over a meter in length) that really get the knees trembling.

I must admit even after being involved in thousands of captures, those really big barra still make me nervous. When that huge bucket head comes thrashing from the murky depths, its massive paddle tail showering you all in spray it’s hard to keep a level head – but someone has to!

Do they put on a show?

No two barra fight the same, they are erratic and spontaneous.

Some are plain crazy and go cartwheeling all over the place while others motor off on long sustained runs.

There are those that barge into the nearest pile of timber and then some are sneaky.

They swim right up to the boat and then explode from the water scaring the hell out of everyone.

This is why I believe many anglers happily chase barramundi their whole lives, they just don’t get boring!

A few tips

If you would like to catch a barra while you’re in the Top End here’s some pointersIMG_3515Be patient. They are prone to switching on and off the bite with certain weather changes and tidal movements etc.

  • Keep casting. Barra sometimes need to be ‘woken up’ or annoyed into hitting a lure.
  • Vary your retrieve speed. Slow is generally the best way to secure a bite and it gives them time to home in on the lure.
  • Plan with your guide. If you want a barra the tour needs to be organised around the best times.
  •  If you plan to bring your own gear, contact us first to see what equipment and lures are suitable. (do not just rely on your local tackle stores advice as they often don’t know what gear has been most productive).
  •  Really big barramundi bite best in the warmer months from September to May . That is when most ‘meteries’ are taken, although they can be caught year round.
  • If trophy barra are your wish then booking an extended safari during the build up season would be the best option.

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