Billabong / Wetlands

The Northern Territory billabongs and wetlands are famous for their natural beauty and abundant wildlife.

The fishing is often excellent although it is primarily ‘catch and release’.

Fishing Grounds

  • Corroboree Billabong
  • Hardies Billabong
  • Shady Camp Freshwater
  • Finnis River Billabong

When do we go?

The Billabongs are flooded during the wet season and generally become accessible from around May/June each year (depending on the scale of the previous monsoon).

A full day tour is the standard package as these wetlands are located an hour or more drive from Darwin City._MG_6054

Why are they so special?

Ive always said if you want to experience as much of the Territory as possible in one day, then these tours are hard to go bye. All the wildlife, amazing scenery and a good chance of landing a barramundi or saratoga. There are no tides to plan around and no swell or waves, a comfortable easy day out.

Sunrise is by far the best time to be out on these magic waterways;

The magic..Buffalo sunrise 012

‘As mist rises gradually from its glass calm surface, dotted by feeding tarpon and saratoga, a crocodile slips silently through bankside lotus.
A pair of large white breasted sea eagles watch your passage from above, while noisily proclaiming their territory.

While prospecting the shallows, a large Jabiru lifts its harlequin neck and studies you with his bright yellow eye.

Flocks of whistling and burdiken shell ducks are grooming under paperbarks while in the distance the IMG_6896silhouettes of water buffalo wander an endless floodplain.

Look closely and you might spot a tiny bright ball of dancing colour as the kingfisher catches his breakfast.

Entranced in your surroundings, you are suddenly shaken awake by a solid WHACK to your rod, followed by a silver jump and splash. Line is emptying off the reel and words of excited encouragement from your friends fill the morning air…’

These tours suit everybody!Haliaeetus leucogaster 018

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