Blue Water

Blue water fishing in the Top End can be nothing short of white knuckle.

We have some fantastic light tackle sport fishing right on the doorstep to the city.

Areas such as Dundee Beach can turn of phenomenal blue water action particularly during the build up season.

What species can we target?

Big schools of pelagic species are common. Mackerel, tuna, trevally and queenfish routinely push large shoals of small bait fish to the surface and launch into a free for all.

This white frothing maelstrom of fins and fangs is known locally as a ‘bust up‘ and often results in multiple hookups and screaming reels. These feeding frenzies are quite common in the right conditions and you would be hard pressed to find a more exciting form of angling.

If the fish are not on the surface then other techniques are employed.

Sounding fish down deep and jigging through their school works extremely well. Throwing poppers over reef pressure points is highly effective, as is fast trolling.

Golden snapper, coral trout, tricky snapper, black spot tuskfish (bluebone), cobia, cod and nannigai are just some of the species often encountered jigging.

Its’s exciting!

Fishing the blue water requires constant attention to your surrounds. Even subtle indications like a slick on the surface or a single hovering bird can signal far more sinister activity under the waves.

Once locked into battle the fish will initially dictate terms and drag anglers all over the ocean. Some tuna species reach speeds of over 80kph!

With multiple hookups we see the ‘tuna dance’ unfold. It’s the entertaining and ungainly performance by anglers chasing their fish around the boat.

The coastal reefs, headlands and islands are packed with an incredibly diverse range of fish of all shapes and sizes. Jump on board for for an action packed adventure out on the blue water today!

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