Game Fishing South West Rocks

A nice sailfish jumping, one of the fastest fish in the sea. Game Fishing Charters offshore from South West Rocks

Game fishing is seen by many as the pinnacle of recreational fishing.

Pitting yourself against the oceans gladiators – the biggest, angriest, craziest most beautiful fish that swim. Out there, they are at the top of the food chain.

It takes patience, dedication and hard work to achieve consistent results. But as any game fisherman or woman knows, the effort pales in comparison to the reward.

Game Fishing Charters South West Rocks

Where do we fish?

Off the deep water coast of South West Rocks accumulate large shoals of bait fish, such as yellowtail and slimey mackerel. They congregate on the multitude of reefs and structure but also on current lines, rips and pressure points.

This wealth of food attracts large predators like black marlin, striped marlin, wahoo, yellowfin tuna and mahi mahi (dolphin fish) who ride the ever changing offshore currents.

Only 12 nautical miles from the rocks lies the continental shelf, one of it’s closest points to the east coast. This ‘fish highway’ is basically a steep longitudinal drop off creating up wellings and turbulance.

On board Wildside we have two helm stations allowing the skipper to spot surface action out the front, and watch the spread out the back!

Canyons and Blue Marlin

Along this steep drop off, and close to South West Rocks, are three deep canyons.

On a marine chart they look like cracks split laterally into the shelf’s side.

These are favoured hunting grounds for some of the greatest game fish of all – Pacific Blue Marlin.

Blues are most often caught trolling large skirted lures at speed, covering ground. They are oceanic wanderers and considered the best fighting of all marlin species. Live bait is kept on board in case a fish is reluctant to eat, and requires ‘switching’ (bait pitched in place of a lure or teaser).

Another monster of the deep also inhabits these same grounds, Broadbill Swordfish..

Although ‘swords’ require very specific conditions to target with a rod and reel during daylight hours, new techniques are being developed by gun anglers all the time. It won’t be long before they become a viable option on the north coast.

And it will be my mission to make it happen in South West Rocks! Stay tuned..


For a day Game Fishing South West Rocks using 24kg and 37kg stand up tackle we charge a boat rate of $1,500 (per day up to four anglers in this price).

Top of the line Okuma Makaira lever drag game reels matched to Makaira rods

We provide 

  •  ‘Wildside’ our Contender 25 Tournament. She is fast, comfortable and a purpose built sport fishing weapon!
  •  Iced water and soft drinks
  •  A hearty lunch
  •  Fresh Fruit and snacks
  •  Quality Fishing Tackle (on a replace if lost or broken basis)
  •  30+ sun screen and insect repellent
  • Tuition from a fully qualified guide with over 18 years experience in the industry
  • Survey / fishing range out to 30 nautical mile
  • Complete list of offshore safety gear including a satelite phone
  • Portable toilet
  • Processing of any fish kept

What to bring Game Fishing?

  • Sun hat and/or buff style head scarf
  •  Camera and spare batteries
  •  Sunglasses (polarised being the best)
  •  Cool light protective clothing
  •  Motion sickness medication if you are prone to seasickness

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