Half Day Fishing Charters South West Rocks

Lovely spanish mackerel

Our Half Day Tours are great for those who don’t have the time to spend a full day, or would like a cheaper option to get amongst the action.

At Wildside Sportfishing we run guided fishing tours providing ‘one on one’ tuition for small groups of up to four clients, on board our purpose built Contender 25T. We use the latest fish finder technology, highest quality tackle and the most reliable boating brands on the market.

All this to give our clients an adventure on the water they’ll never forget.

We offer half day offshore guided fishing charters and half day estuary guided fishing charters – both with a duration of approximately 5 hours.

Nice snapper taken by Mel recently

Melanie with the perfect eating sized snapper!

Offshore Sportfishing Half Day

Approx. 5 hours duration.

South West Rocks is famous for it’s sport fishing throughout the year, and we like to make it as exciting and adventurous as possible. Our vessel can do over 40knots if required, getting you out to the fish FAST!

Roselle and her spotted mackere

Spotted mackerel locally known as snook arrive in big numbers around January each year


Live slimey mackerel and yellowtail are regularly used, which we catch at the beginning of your tour. We also run cut / strip baits – the best technique can change on a daily, or even hourly basis.

Plus we specialize in the use of lures such as soft plastics, metal jigs, stick baits and poppers,  because they’re such fun active methods.

Ocean teaming with life..

Due to it’s deep coastal waters and close proximity to the shelf (roughly 12 nautical miles) it allows tropical and temperate currents to push extremely close to shore, bringing all kinds of marine life.

This area of northern New South Wales therefore enjoys a mixture of warm and cold water species that overlap each season.

At times the East Australian Current pushes warm water in so close to shore that oceanic species like dolphin fish, marlin and wahoo can be seen from the rocks.

So many species to target!

Others like cobia, kingfish, mulloway, snapper, tailor, bonito, longtail tuna, mackerel tuna, yellowfin tuna, spanish mackerel, spotted mackerel, pearl perch, teraglin, tuskfish and sampson fish are all taken at times.

Give us a call today to find out what’s biting!

Price is $220 per person inc. GST (minimum 2 passengers onboard maximum 4).

Please contact us for sole charter prices.

Thumping sampson fish

Sampson fish are one of the hardest fighting fish out there and are around in good numbers over the winter months!

Estuary Sportfishing Half Day

Approx. 5 hours duration. Calm Water!!

Estuary fishing in the Macleay can be exceptional at times for both numbers and quality.

Species like flathead, trevally, bream, whiting, mulloway and mangrove jacks are always in the river.

Offshore species like kingfish, cobia and snapper also make regular visits particularly within the first kilometre.

Good flathead are common in the Macleay River. This one ate a Zman soft plastic, and later joined us for dinner

We often run live baits and specialise in lure fishing particularly with soft plastics and vibes, for those who are keen.

Calm waters

There is minimal wave action and generally an easier pace in the river which often suits folk who don’t enjoy being out at sea.

Apart from the famous rock walls the Macleay has small creeks, flats, weed beds, bridge piles, snags and deep holes that all hold a multitude of fish life.

Price is $150 per person inc. GST (minimum 2 passengers onboard maximum 4).

Please contact us for sole charter prices


We Provide  

  •  ‘Wildside’ our Contender 25 Tournament vessel. She is fast, comfortable and a purpose built sport fishing weapon!
  •  Iced water and soft drinks
  •  Fresh Fruit and snacks
  •  Quality Fishing Tackle (on a replace if lost or broken basis)
  •  30+ sun screen and insect repellent
  • Tuition from a fully qualified experienced guide with over 18 years in the industry
  • Survey / fishing range out to 30 nautical mile
  • Complete list of offshore safety gear including a satelite phone
  • Portable toilet
  • Processing of any fish kept
Big jack

Michael holding a thumping 51cm mangrove jack from the Macleay River

What to bring?

Small kingfish are thick around South West Rocks – they put up an awesome fight and are great fun for the whole family

  •  Sun hat and/or buff style head scarf
  •  Camera and spare batteries
  •  Sunglasses (polarised being the best)
  •  Protective clothing and a spray jacket
  • Motion sickness medication if you are prone to sea sickness 


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