Harbour and Coastal Flats

_MG_7770_MG_7060The Harbour and Coastal FlatsĀ  are local to Darwin city. The style of fishing and species we target revolves strongly around the tides, and tours are planned accordingly. There are a huge array of different fish to chase right on our doorstep.

Fishing Grounds –

Darwin Harbour
Lee Pt / Shoal Bay
Bynoe Harbour

Half and Full day tours can be conducted around these areas and are the cheapest tour we _MG_5788run.

Light tackle sportfishing is very popular for the mackerel and tuna that feed along the coast during the dry season. Residential trevally and queenfish are often found in the same areas. These speedsters can certainly pull line and really put on a show.

Barramundi and salmon can be found feeding in the low tide drains, holdinTaking care of your fish for release is important if you want it to survive - the more stress caused the more susseptable it will be to desease and being picked off by other preditors.g on snags and lurking over shallow mangrove lined flats. The harbours have good populations of both.

Bream, grunter and golden snapper can be thick on the reefy areas inside the creeks and are great for those who just want to catch a fish. Large jewfish reside on the wrecks and deep reefs, along with cod, bluebone, snapper and the odd coral trout.

For those who don’t want the expense of travelling further afield, or would just like to explore the local waters and go fishing, this maybe the ideal trip. The tour can be tailored to your needs, as can the price.

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