Reef Fishing

Reef Fishing IMG_5013travelis very popular in the Top End.

Local waters are home to a massive variety of different reef dwelling species so dropping a line down could result in almost anything.

Clients love it because of the ‘lucky dip’ factor, plus most decent fish brought up are of amazing eating quality.

What could we catch?

Coral trout, golden snapper, black jewfish, red emperor, black spot tusk fish (bluebone), large mouth nannygai (saddletail), tricky snapper, cod and many others are found over certain grounds.

Then you have common pelagic by-catch such as cobia, mackerel and many hard fighting trevally species thrown into the mix – just to stretch your arms a bit more!cropped saddle

How do you target them?

Fishing styles vary nowadays from traditional bait and paternoster rig to verticle jigging with plastics and metals. Slow jigging with octa style jigs and bugs is popular, while the ever reliable maribu jig should be in every anglers kit.

With the advances in depth sounder technology locating fish has been made more reliable than ever. Hooking, and then extracting the fish from their coral lairs is another matter altogether – most reef species fight like steam trains!

When would you reef fish?

Reef fishing is usually mixed in with other sportfishing to make use of prime stages of the tide and weather.

The best Reefs are found in more remote fishing grounds as they have seen far less pressure.

Multiple day Safaris generally give anglers the most productivIMG_4988travele sessions as we can travel further afield.

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