Wild Locations

Peron Islands NT

A Jabiru wanders the flats

Peron Islands NT

Looking out over fog bay on sunset

kingfisherBuffalo sunrise 012Beautiful and wild locations are common in the Top End.

Many are remote and once you move away from the main launch sites you can see they suffer little human pressures.

Here at Wildside Sportfishing we are committed to looking after these special places and minimising our impact as much as possible.

Some of our favourites are listed below. For more info try the ‘locations’ button in the menu above.

Billabongs / Wetlands

  • Corroboree billabong,
  • Hardies Billabong
  • Mary River Bridge Lagoon
  • Shady Camp Freshwater Lagoon
  • Finnis River Freshwater Lagoon

The above wetland areas are all part of the Mary River system east of Darwin.

They are all quite different in appearance and the most productive fishing methods vary in each as well.

If you love wildlife and beautiful landscapes then visiting the billabongs is a must do on your territory adventure. Find out more at Billabong / Wetlands.


Big River 

Shady Camp on the Mary River has a deserved reputation as a big barra pandanashotspot, both in the ‘Runoff’ and in the ‘Build Up’ seasons.

It is made up of vast flood plains, feeder creeks and two main river arms – Sampan and Tommycut Creeks.

During flood it is a spectacular green with bird and animal life abounding, including plenty of crocs! Read more at Big River Barra.

Barra and Bluewater

Dundee beach is one of our most popular destinations, particularly over the ‘dry’ and ‘build up’ seasons.

The pub / accommodation is right next to the boat ramp so at the end of a big dIMG_8211ay you can wander over and kick back with a cold one, enjoying the sunset over the sea. Large coconut palms dot the shoreline shadowing sandy beaches and ochre red cliffs.

Dundee Beach

Dundee gives access to many great fishing areas like the Two Finnis Rivers, Roach and Blaze Reefs, the Perron Islands, small coastal creeks and the western side of Bynoe Harbour to name a few.

For more info see Barra and Bluewater.

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