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The Northern Territory Wildlife is  quite spectacular.

The ecosystems support a massive array of species in wide ranging habitats. From shallowEphipporhynchus asiaticus 011 rocky estuaries to long winding rivers with huge mangrove forests, to beautiful lily lined wetlands the Territory has it all.

The billabongs are probably the place to to see the most consistent and varied number of animals, as they are concentrated over these watery labyrinths during the dry season.

Saltwater crocodiles are common throughout and there are also plenty of freshwater crocs too, but they take a bit more spotting. Salties well over four meters in length cruse the tannin stained depths, but during the dry season they are more likely lying on the bank sun baking – for days on end.

The bird life is remarkable in these Anhinga melanogaster 006areas. Birds of prey like white breasted sea eagles, whistling kites, black kites and swamp harriers are common while brown falcons and ospreys are sometimes spied.

The striking jabiru patrols the shallows alongside another dry season guest, the large grey brolga. Burdiken shell ducks and whistling ducks are _MG_6013common as _MG_4136are magpie and pygmy gease. Snake necked darts and cormorants never go hungry and neither do the number of kingfisher species.

A keen eye will spot the protruding neck of a file snake or tortoise taking a breath, did you see that water dragon lying on a branch? Agile wallabies bound through the undergrowth keeping well clear of any wandering dingos. Large water buffalo graze over the lush green flooCrocodylus porosus 050dplains and pigs fossic in the mud.

You can experience all this while wetting a line, it makes the breaks between fish quite bearable!
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Wildside Sportfishing

Wildside Sportfishing6/5/2017 1507

Bit of recent #action with gun fly #fisherman John on the #bluewater and Dr Luke with his first #barra amongst others
#dotheNT #ntaustralia #Topend #fishing #flyfishing #getonboard #buildupbonanza

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Wildside Sportfishing

Wildside Sportfishing6/5/2017 1507

It begins... ⛈🌧

Fill those floodplains!! 😍🎣

#bringonthewet #weloveit

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Wildside Sportfishing

Wildside Sportfishing6/5/2017 1507

#Downthehatch! The #bites weren't quite as #crazy today but Geoff and Rob still managed around 20 #barra, good onya fellas 🍻
#dotheNT #fishingNT #getonboard #adventures #buildup #bonanza #fishing #weloveit #ntaustralia

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Wildside Sportfishing

Wildside Sportfishing6/5/2017 1507

#Great way to spend the #melbournecup #longweekend with Jim, Antonio, Darrel and Darcy - #slaying #fish in the #topend 🤙 #big numbers of #barra landed during small #bightwindows. Cheers men 🍻🎣
#fishing #jewfish #dotheNT #ntaustralia #fishingNT #getonboard #buildupbonanza

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