Our mission is to create amazing fishing experiences in an ethical & environmentally friendly way.

Fishing for Our Future..

Anglers invest time, money and effort into chasing fish, and it is our right to take home a feed. There is something so special about harvesting, cooking and eating your own catch – fresh and untainted. (Rather than buying it shrink wrapped off the shelf).

But the saying “Limit your kill, don’t kill your limit.” is now more important than ever. I want my kids, and their kids, to enjoy the thrill of a sport introduced to me by my father.

Over 30 years as an obsessed fisherman, I’ve noticed one trend more important than anything else – our waterways are under ever increasing pressure. It is our duty to shoulder stewardship of these incredible environments we love so much. To respect and promote the health and longevity of a shared resource, so that fishing may remain a healthy viable past time, long into the future.

Therefore we keep some, and we release some .. =)

We have invested in a high quality vessel ‘Wildside’, which has an electric motor to reduce our fuel consumption and is more energy efficient. By using the Minnkota Terrova electric motor also means that we don’t require an anchor, which eliminates damage to reefs, preserving the environment & fish habitat. 

Get on board for a guided South West Rocks fishing charter today!

Explore all that this region has to offer & experience a fishing trip you will never forget.

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