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A lovely black marlin ready for release

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Game fishing is seen by many as the pinnacle of recreational fishing.

Pitting yourself against the oceans gladiators – the biggest, angriest, craziest most beautiful fish that swim. Out there, they are at the top of the food chain.

It takes patience, dedication and hard work to achieve consistent results. But as any game fisherman or woman knows, the effort pales in comparison to the reward.

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Guided Fishing Charter
$ 1600
00 per trip
  • 8 Hours (6am - 2pm)
  • Max 4 people onboard
  • Fishing Tuition - 24 and 37kg stand up tackle (provided on a broken or lost replacement basis)
  • Iced Water & Soft Drinks
  • Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna & Other deep water fish
  • Optional filleting or gutting of any fish kept
  • Latest fish finding technology Simrad evo 3 units, Airmar Hi/low chirp and 3D totalscan
  • Dedicated fully licensed and insured fishing guide with over 20 years experience in the industry
  • No fishing licence required (vessel is covered by complimentary blanket licence)
  • Fast purpose built centre console vessel

Where do we fish?

Close to the coastline of South West Rocks accumulate large shoals of bait fish, such as Yellowtail and slimey Mackerel. They congregate on the multitude of reefs and structure but also on current lines, rips and pressure points.

This wealth of food attracts large predators like Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna and Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish). They ride up and down the cobalt blue offshore flow known as the ‘East Australian Current’ (or E.A.C. for short).

Only 12 nautical miles from the rocks lies the continental shelf, one of it’s closest points to the east coast. This ‘fish highway’ is basically a steep longitudinal drop off creating up wellings and turbulance.

Marlin fishing in South West Rocks can be done as close as a hundred meters off the shore, or many nautical miles out to sea. Their presence relies entirely on the ever changing ocean currents, water temperature and food availability.

Canyons and Blue Marlin

Along the shelf, and relatively close to South West Rocks, are three deep canyons.

On a marine chart they look like cracks split laterally into the side of the drop off’s steep edge.

These are favoured hunting grounds for some of the greatest game fish of all – Pacific Blue Marlin.

Blues are most often caught trolling large skirted lures at speed, covering ground. They are oceanic wanderers and considered the best fighting of all marlin species. Live bait is kept on board in case a fish is reluctant to eat, and requires ‘switching’ (bait pitched in place of a lure or teaser).

Another monster of the deep also inhabits these same grounds, Broadbill Swordfish.

Although ‘swords’ require very specific conditions to target with a rod and reel during daylight hours, new techniques are being developed by gun anglers all the time. It won’t be long before they become a viable option on the north coast.

Blue marlin on the leader after a long fight

What to Bring

Sun Protection

Sun hat, sunglasses (polarized preferably) &/or buff style head scarf.


Lunch or snacks for duration of charter.

Appropriate Clothing

Spray jacket & jumper


Motion sickness medication (take approx 1 hr before boarding)

My dad grew up on a small island in the Mediterranean. He would hear stories about Australia and her sunburnt landscape and unreal beaches. He dreamed of catching fish as big as him and today he got the chance.

Jason took us out for my dads birthday. He taught him how to fish for top water pelagics. Great skipper and we all learnt a lot. My dads greatest experience on the water with 2 trophy fish that would last a lifetime.

Book a South West Rocks Game Fishing charter today, & pit yourself against the oceans gladiators!

Explore all that this region has to offer & experience a fishing trip you will never forget.

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