Wildside FAQs

To help you decide if our Wildside Sportfishing Charters are a good fit for your next fishing adventure please review our frequently asked questions, so you can make the right decision.

Firstly, there isn’t any way of accurately predicting the weather forecast (particularly long range). The closer we get to a tour date the more accurate they become, but we often don’t know until the tour day. Mother nature constantly changes, frustrating as that may be! If we cancel, clients can either choose to reschedule or refund.
We are licensed to take 4x passengers and 1x skipper – regardless of size or age. This number cannot be exceeded.
Sea sickness is quite common for those who have not taken motion sickness medication, or have taken it too late. The tablets must be taken at least 1 Hour before boarding so they have time to take effect (some folk also take one the night before). The medication will not work if taken only once the person is sea sick. In my experience the natural ginger varieties are far less effective. The crew can vote to return and fish the Macleay River estuary in calm waters if required.
Of course! We take fish home on the majority of tours. But we are not a ‘freezer filler’ style operation and would like to see the fishery remain sustainable long into the future..
Big old fish are the brood stock – they are genetically superior and typically produce the best future generations. Large females often carry far more eggs than smaller younger individuals. Would you eat an old cow or sheep? Similarly, aging fish often taste bland and dry as well.
Information is gathered such as length, weight, location, method etc and entered onto a card, which is sent to Fisheries NSW. They keep the details in their system and if the fish is recaptured, the same information is recorded and we can see how the fish has grown and its travel between recapture dates. A certificate will be sent out with both anglers names and all the information listed.
You can bring alcohol on tour but we suggest keeping it to a few each. Large amounts will not be allowed onboard due to the risks involved. Celebrations are much safer back on shore! =)
For those who do not have the ability, or equipment, I can gut or fillet fish once back tied up alongside the jetty. We do not further process (ie. Scale, portion, bone, skin). Large strong plastic bags are provided free of charge and I suggest keeping an ice box or cooler bag in your car if you intend to take some home. *Please do not bring big eskies onboard, there isn’t any space to put them.
As a rough guideline, tropical species such as mackerel are caught in the first six months of the year and temperate / cooler water species such as snapper and kingfish are often caught in the second half. There are certainly overlaps and every season is different. Our best dolphin fish are often in November December.
Large yellowfin tuna frequent our continental shelf area in winter and spring. Striped marlin show up late winter and peak in spring, inside the shelf to around 60m. Small black marlin normally turn up at the start of summer and remain until the end of Autumn, often very close to shore and out to 100m. Blue marlin can turn up any time towards the shelf, and beyond.

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