Looking over the entrance of Saltwater Creek towards Trial Bay in South West Rocks

In my opinion, the town and area around South West Rocks is one of the most beautiful on the entire eastern seaboard of Australia.

Located on the mid north coast of New South Whales, ‘The Rocks’ is about 5x hours drive from both Sydney and Brisbane.

It is popular belief that this part of the country has the most livable year round climate. Summer isn’t overly hot, and mid Winter daytime temperatures often hover in the low to mid twenties.

Stable sunny mid year weather and the warm East Australian Current combine to keep our seawater around twenty degrees in June / July / August – great for swimming!

Kangaroos are often seen on the beaches around South West Rocks


Furthermore the local beaches and coastline are stunning. Trial bay is protected by the main headland of Laggers Pt and Smokey Cape in the majority of winds and swell. This makes it a perfect family beach, especially up in the far Eastern corner.

Kangaroos are literally everywhere, both in town and throughout the adjacent Arakoon and Head Head national parks. Wildlife abounds in the Macleay Valley. Birds of prey such as ospreys and sea eagles circle the headlands, and water dragons perch atop creek side boulder. Dolphins and whales regularly cruise close to shore.

Kangaroos are very common throughout South West Rocks

Closer to town the small Horseshoe Bay beach has generally light surf. A gently sloping gradient and a lifesaving patrol making it popular with families.

Standing sentry over the bay are towering Norfolk Pines which give shade and comfort to those getting out of the sun.

Nearby is the local town center with ‘fish and chip’ shops, cafes, ice cream parlors, boutiques and a fishing tackle shop.

A large kids play ground has been built beside the beach car park. Flying foxes, a kids kitchen, swings and other fun equipment will keep the little ones entertained for hours.

Looking out to open ocean from the headland at Little Bay, South West Rocks.

Local Waterways

On either side of the town are two small creeks. Shallow Saltwater Creek can be seen from the playground and can be good for little kids when the surf is up.

Back Creek – a short walk around the headland adjacent to the Horseshoe Bay Holiday Park known as Point Briner, is very picturesque. Particularly so on the incoming tide, when clean salt water pushes far up the sandy inlet. Visit when the tide is higher for swimming, snorkeling etc. The creek fishes better when it’s lower and murkier.

Along the beach and North West from Back Creek’s mouth is the entrance, and bar, to the massive Macleay River system. It’s large and relatively deep channel is bordered by rock walls, the southern side can be accessed by New Entrance Road. A sealed walk way runs right to the end which is very popular among locals and tourists alike.

The path also gives shore based anglers access to fantastic fishing, in the right conditions.

*The bar seaward from the southern wall can be shallow and dangerous. Only attempt if you are a confident experienced skipper.*

Trial Bay Gaol

Historic ruins of Trial Bay Gaol sit on the headland’s cliffs above the sea, next to Laggers Point. It opened in 1886 after taking 13 years to build. During the First World War the Trial Bay Gaol was an internment camp for people of German descent living in Australia.

The historic ruins of Trial Bay Gaol loom over Laggers Point.

Historic Township

Arakoon was originally established as the township on Trial Bay in 1866. 
Trial Bay was named after a ship, The Trial. She was stolen and wrecked by convicts in 1816 in the bay that now bears its name.

By 1889, South West Rocks had established itself as a popular bathing resort with people of the Macleay Valley. South West Rocks got its name most likely from the captains of passing ships. Many claimed it was safest to moor vessels near the rocks.

It’s said on 13 May 1770, Captain James Cook observed smoke from a fire on a mountain which he named Smoky Cape. The headland in front of the mountain is now the location of Smoky Cape Lighthouse.

Spectacular Fish Rock under a brooding sky

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