Estuary Fish

Dusky flathead from South West Rocks


Flathead are of one species or another are caught in virtually every habitat we fish. ‘Duskies’ as they are known live in the Macleay River and grow over a meter in length. Sand flatties and blue spotted are out on the flat bottom and rubble. Marbled and armour headed around the reef edges and tigers in the deep. They’re all yummy!

Mangrove Jack

During the warmer months these red devils are found along the river break walls. We generally target them drifting live baits employing a heavy handed “first round knockout” approach – jacks are dirty fighters and will have you cut off under a rock in no time.


Cobia or ‘black kingfish’ are one strange critter! They aren’t fussy eaters and will munch most things, including crabs, and can be found from way up the river and estuary to offshore reefs and wrecks during warmer months. Quite often found swimming alongside large rays and sharks, they grow to massive sizes in their own right


Mullaway are also known as Jewfish, and they’re on every anglers hit list. Typically found prowling the estuaries, coastal reefs and wrecks in tight schools. Unfortunately they suffer from over fishing, which hopefully is in the process of being rectified.

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