Black Marlin

Black Marlin juveniles range between 20kg and 60kg make a run along our coastline in great numbers in December each year, peaking in the middle of summer. On good days they can be found in extremely shallow clear water close to the rocks and bays, giving anglers a memorable fight and experience.


Teraglin fish look very similar to mulloway with a few obvious differences. The mouth inside is yellow orange, the tail is concave instead of convex and the body is softer with lighter scales. They taste delicious battered in my opinion!

Pearl Perch

Pearl Perch are normally found over the deeper reefs but will come in quite close during winter. Very popular amongst fishos for their eating qualities, we frequently catch them on lures and bait during the second half of the year.

Spotted Mackerel

The Spotted Mackerel are known to local anglers as snook, they’re another seasonal visitor similar to Spanish mackerel. Often turning up in large numbers they’re extremely popular due to the great fight and good eating qualities.

Narrow Barred Spanish Mackerel

One of Wildside Sportfishings personal favourites, Spanyids are a seasonal visitor to South West Rocks turning up at the start of summer and remaining until the start of winter. They grow massive, taste delicious and fight cleanly with long powerful runs.


Kingfish are one of hardest fighting fish in the ocean, with blistering runs and dirty tactics looking for any structure to cut the line. Although caught year round in South West Rocks the bigger models are best targeted in Winter, Spring and early summer.


Mullaway are also known as Jewfish, and they’re on every anglers hit list. Typically found prowling the estuaries, coastal reefs and wrecks in tight schools. Unfortunately they suffer from over fishing, which hopefully is in the process of being rectified.


Snapper are one of Australia’s all time favourites, the pink snapper is caught here from shallow to deep water on lures and bait. They fight hard and the smaller models are
top eating.

Dolphin Fish

Dolphin Fish are one of the best! They grow super fast, jump all over the ocean, fight hard, taste great and look absolutely spectacular in iridescent gold green and blues tones. Nothing quite like them.

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